The BackStory

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The Founder

My name is Eileen Stewart and I founded this organization because of my personal experience with both emotional and physical trauma. In addition to a severe back injury, and numerous surgeries, I became the victim of a reckless psychiatrist who overprescribed psychotropic drugs triggering a bizarre chain of events that are still hard for me to believe today. While under the influence of this powerful medication, I was arrested and faced a twenty-year prison sentence, spent several days in solitary confinement and almost two weeks in the maximum security ward of a psychiatric hospital.

Over a three-year period, I endured a total of five in-hospital surgeries, nineteen surgical procedures, and seventy-four agonizing physical therapy sessions. Due to a myriad of anti-psychotic, anti-depressants, and narcotics coursing through my veins, I literally walked in the shoes of a person suffering from schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder and PTSD.

And I can tell you now with great certainty, that the physical pain was a cakewalk, compared to my emotional suffering. The driving force behind my desire to build this organization is because I lived the night terrors, the endless delusions, the abandonment of family and friends, and the complete loss of humanity that accompanies mental illness. By the grace of God, I escaped my private hell, but my heart breaks for those still imprisoned by their own mind with no end in sight. Those who wake up each morning knowing what awaits them.



RX for Hell

As painful as it was, I relived these events to write my story, in hopes that it will serve others.  I can now articulate what it feels like to be that person held captive by delusions and demons, and explain what may have helped me at the time.  Perhaps having some insight into their struggle, will prevent loved ones from turning away in frustration, and help them realize how much their support means.  To wage war with an enemy only you can see is difficult enough, but to do it completely and utterly alone--is impossible.

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