Invert Cost Structure

There are currently many organizations that are focused on improving lives for veterans. However, Helping Hoof would invert the current nonprofit cost structure where the majority of donations are consumed by overhead costs.

Minimize overhead 

  • Salaries & Benefits – HH would have limited full time employees. It is a distributed model that asks American horse people to do 1% more of what they do anyway, so services will be paid as rendered. Allows workforce to be streamlined and flexible.
  • Office space – Minimal due to the above.
  • Facility costs – Will only need a token number of horse facilities, the majority of activities would utilize the boarding stable and trainer facility.
  • Utilize a local equine veterinarian to ensure the animals welfare, while providing very inexpensive objective third party oversight.  

Utilization of Donations 

Unfortunately, charities are often victims of irresponsible use of donation monies. However, due to its distributed work load structure of using contract services on an as needed basis, there is very minimal opportunity for this type of abuse. Even at full compensation the trainers and boarding stables are receiving exactly the same fees as if they were training or stalling any horse. In addition, no one facility or trainer would rely solely on Helping Hoof for their livelihood, so there is very little chance of individuals ‘taking advantage’ of the organization.